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The Galilee and the Golan

April 2, 2010

As we leave the city of Jerusalem, we leave behind the fragile fabric of the diversity here. Tze-tze and peyes blend with young men in t-shirts and jeans, long-skirted women with scarves about their heads push their strollers past young women in short skirts, then a woman draped in cloth from head to toe continues on her path to somewhere unknown wishing not to be seen. As the city stays behind, the hills appear, green tufts of dense bush and grass decorating the sweep of rolling sandy waves. If the city is about the complex tile work of international (or interfaith) cooperation, the landscape to the North demands attention be paid to people and their borders. The land here invites us to interact with it. “Come play, ” it calls forth with a breeze that compels one’s skin to loosen and allow for flexibility of mind body and soul. (more…)

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