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I often get asked this question: ” What role do parents or family continue to play in who you are as an adult person?

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  1. Susan Bodnar Says:

    Almost everything you experience as a child influences you. For a long period in your life parents have the greatest influence because they are the people most involved with you. Children make everything they experience a part of themselves and that type of internalization inspires development. Keep in mind that other things – friends, school, cultural events and even geography, not to mention biological proclivities like temperament – also influence you. The people who have raised you have also been influenced by a similar array of events and area as much a composite of biological, familial, cultural and georgraphic events as are you. And political events aren’t insignificant in the formation of consciousness.

    And keep in mind that the same array of influences have also impacted everyone else you know. It is important, therefore, not to look critically upon another person. Rather, the goal is to wonder what made him or her become the person they are, and then, how has the totality of that person’s identity affected you?

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