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The Pope says Green Begins at Home

January 5, 2010

In his New Year’s address, the pope called on Catholics (and I assume the rest of us can participate) to consider protecting the environment a personal responsibility as well as a political event. The Pope said, “An objective shared by all, an indispensable condition for peace, is that of overseeing the earth’s natural resources with justice and wisdom.”

If we don’t protect our planet and treat it as the sacred entity that supports life, we risk our own lives, we threaten humanity.  Political decisions and legislation often brings about social changes. Copenhagen was a little more important than the Pope might wish to acknowledge. Yet, I also believe that change begins at home.  Most of us wonder, what might living differently entail? How would it help me? What follows are three things anyone can do that will help the environment and support psychological health.



March 14, 2009

The temperature reached 50 degrees in New York City.  Our dog was activated.  He held his head high as he scanned the open field before him, looking for a playmate, sniffing the air replete with the odor of emergent plant life.  A red-breasted robin moved his head side to side while hopping toward a fallen log.  Will people begin to feel better now that the winter is recedes?

The longer days already invite more contact with other people.

We are not separate from each other, this earth and us.  We impact each other daily.

Starting today, I will be tracking small everyday interactions that take place between humans and nature, between  our ordinary selves and our ordinary earth, and thinking about what prevents us from taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.

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