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Support Our President

January 20, 2010

Keep in mind that the year hasn’t gotten of to a good start.  A devastating earthquake hit Haiti.  Try to imagine how it feels when one person you are close to dies. Now start multiplying.  Sarah Palin has decided to join Fox News, meaning that the most popular media is now fully controlled by a single ideology. The very same people who fear a fascist takeover are in fact enacting an ideological takeover.   Unemployment remains high.  Large banks appear to be the only people with money.  Lots of people don’t have health care. As a provider of mental health care services, there are some very fine and hard-working people who can’t get care because they don’t have the money, or were sick before, or mistakenly sent a COBRA check a day or two late. With all of the difficult problems we are facing why are so many self-appointed experts naysing our President? How about a letter of support instead,  empowering President Obama in his moment of need so he can do the job we elected him to do?


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