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Thinking Through Diversity

May 28, 2014


I have been very involved in thinking about how the ideas of diversity help us build our shared society.  I recently published this piece on trying to pull together a way of conceptualizing how in our diversity we are together.

Thanksgiving=Diversity Squared

November 25, 2013


On Thanksgiving do we recognize collaboration between diverse peoples or do we inadvertently celebrate the return of Pilgrims from a successful massacre of over 700 Native Americans? Without a unifying narrative to give shape to our national values, most people will shop instead. Diversity has become an exponential issue generating more anxiety than solutions – all the more reason to participate in and continue this unwieldy conversation.


The Forbidden Racist

November 17, 2009

Most of us were schooled in diversity and acceptance. A racist, therefore, was generally a forbidden character who shows up in someone else’s state. Among close friends and colleagues, color differences evince nothing more than variety. From a distance, however, any of us might easily disregard a  color spectrum’s nuances in favor of a facile opposition between black and white. (more…)

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