Ordinary Earth Travels

Photo by Annie Griffiths Belt travel.nationalgeographic.com/places/photos/p

These past few months, I have been exploring the role of mind, body, culture and geography in personality development.   Why?  I think I’m searching for some way to assist the people with whom I work, some way to think about their struggles that uplift humanity.  Sometimes people need  deep understanding rather than diagnostic codes. Sustainability occurs in the human heart and mind.

I will be spending the next two weeks in Israel.  It will be my first visit to this complicated country. If one is interested, as I am, in the intersection of landscapes, physicality and the mind’s transcendence, the ancient cities of Israel, and the people who live within, may tell a story that will inspire an encounter with fresh perspective. Every experience deepens the one that came before. Starting Sunday, March 28th,  I’ll share what I learn about our ordinary earth, from a new place.

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