Recession Dogs

One sign that it is a bad economy is that people are taking better care of their dogs. During the past months the park has been more crowded with people walking their dogs on weekday mornings.  They are also walking at a more leisurely speed . Normally people arrive bundled and scowling, steaming coffee cup in hand,  pulling on the leads to rein in their dogs’ wanderlust.  Lately, the dogs are allowed off leash as their owners chat.Some have no job to hurry to.  Others have a job, but no real work to rush toward.  Free to roam, the dogs amble more spritely, unlike the mornings of a few weeks ago when they hung their heads, nose to the ground, as they accepted another walk on the leash.  I guess the same is somewhat true of the owners. They too had been walking on a leash known as the deriviative based financial tightrope. Now that the fall has taken place, they are more free  to explore.  Its a bit more dangerous, and the worries are very real.  Yet, like their dogs there is a bit of a spring in their steps. Its as though something good will come of this, and not just for the dogs.

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